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Trouble Ahead, Trouble behind falls into the category of a ghetto movie. Basically the movie tries to explain why things in the ghetto are so different and to prove that people can relate to those differences. The novel behind the script covers some serious situations that can only happen in the ‘hood’. The story will guide you through a certainty and realness that will help the readers get a clear understanding of the criminal minds of thugs and drug dealers. The author made sure to provide an inside look to both poor and rich characters, their connection to drugs and of course their aggression. All things to be considered when you are trying to survive in the underworld.

The author begins by telling the story of Scorpio, a brilliant, strong-minded, young black man who just got out of prisonafter serving a seven year sentence. While incarcerated, instead of being reformed and rehabilitated, Scorpio gains an even greater level of street knowledge, and a better understanding of how not to get caught. He manages to stay completely under the radar and his empire goes virtually undetected.

He reunites with his old street gang named “Wealthy Boy’s” and used his drug connections, obtained while in prison to rise to the top and become the city’s sole drug supplier. However with great success problems arise and he becomes a part of several problematic situations that involve his crew members and his woman.So, will he get rich and survive or will he remain trapped in a game that has no true winners? Find out by watching this amazing movie!!!


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